How to survive the rollercoaster ride of business ownership


Owning and running your own business is like being on a mental rollercoaster ride.

This book is written by a business owner, for all you business owners, no matter where you are in your journey. This book will give you the confidence to take your business to the next level by learning key lessons with action points that you can apply in your business, to make the rollercoaster ride an enjoyable rather than a scary experience.

15 lessons every successful business owner needs to know

Learn the science behind success and failure

Discover the BIG actions to take, to achieve your goals

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About the Author

Award-winning Business Coach

Realising that his own entrepreneurial talent had not yet been realised, Kevin took the brave decision to give up his successful self-employed role and go back to university to do his Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Now having a theoretical databank to add to his practical one, he decided to set up his own business and bought a franchise with the World's #1 business coaching organisation ActionCOACH, which would give him the support and additional tools to help as many businesses as he could.

Ten years on, he has built one of the most successful and awarded business coaching firms in the UK, helping hundreds of business owners, just like his parents, to build the businesses of their dreams.

What serial entrepreneur Brad Sugars says….

"I am proud that Kevin became one of the most award-winning ActionCOACH business coaches in the UK, and, like me, found his passion in guiding other business owners to success – some almost out of the depths of despair."

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Here is what they are saying!

This was a very enjoyable read. I particularly liked how the book was told as a parable with each chapter being a business lesson faced by the protagonist. These lessons come from a mix of some of the leading business books out there like Good to Great, E-Myth and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People mixed with the author's own experience as an FD and business coach for several years. The format was quick to read and easy to digest the information in comparison to some business books, which let's face it can be a pretty dry subject matter. Overall, recommended reading to a business owner or anyone with an interest in entrepreneurship.

Steve Oke

It is refreshing to read a 'how to' book that doesn't preach to the reader. As a business coach Kevin knows his subject well and it shows. Great idea to do it in a story format as it helps the reader to more easily relate to the content as opposed to page after page of 'expert analysis and opinion'. Any business owner will recognise that mistakes are made, that's a natural process, but this book will help to minimise the more obvious pitfalls. Cleverly done, enjoyed it. Recommended.


The story of the business owner Ken going through his rollercoaster journey is such a true story happening every day and most directors of a SMEs will recognise themselves in one stage or in another. The book is well written in an easy to read way, showcasing real examples. Most importantly the book covers all those life principles which are so applicable in business, in a business context.

Daniela Grendene

A human interest story that forms the basis of an excellent 'business' book. Easy to read and essential for all budding entrepreneurs and indeed established business owners. Highly informative and well written.


Not only was this packed with great information and great tips on how to cope with the roller coaster of running a business its also very easy to read and as an added bonus its incredibly interesting.
Top Book, top read highly recommended

Andrew Walter

Start loving the roller coaster ride of business ownership
by ordering your copy of 'The Big Dipper' today!